101 Gowrie (one-oh-one gow-ree) by Alex Haupt, who has spent his culinary career working in some of the best restaurants in Australia, England and The Netherlands. Chef Haupt opened 101 Gowrie in 2018 in the De Pijp neighbourhood to explore his love of creating unique experiences to his humble urban surroundings of Amsterdam. With an emphasis on local produce and the cultural heritage of Chef Haupt, 101 Gowrie offers a unique dining experience served to only 13 tables per evening.   

We are open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner. You can reserve below or give us a call at +31 20 334 64 18.


“Haupt is welcoming, attentive and proud without being arrogant.”

Gilles van der Loo - Restaurant CriticHET PAROOL


Alex Haupt (1991) is an Australian chef with German and Japanese roots. He started working in kitchens at a very young age following the family business and worked at renowned establishments both in Australia (Est.) and in Europe (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal).

101 Gowrie street in Sydney is where Alex grew up and where his family still lives. The core concept of 101 Gowrie as a restaurant is to evoke the atmosphere of the dinner parties that Alex’s parents used to throw for friends and family. It’s also his way of feeling closer to home and it also allows him to put his own mark in the family business.